May 31, 2022 • 39M

#55 - From Bay Street Lawyer to Founder of Flex Legal: A conversation with Erin Cowling, Lawyer, CEO & Founder of Flex Legal Network.

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Matt Scrivens
Goodlawyer's podcast series dedicated to exploring what is, and what could be when it comes to the business of law, and how we as lawyers can improve access to legal services for everyone, and live more fulfilled lives.

Our guest today is Erin Cowling. Erin is a freelance lawyer and CEO & Founder of Flex Legal Network Inc., a company that matches busy lawyers, law firms, and in-house counsel with freelance lawyers to assist with overflow legal work on a project basis. 

Previously, she was a corporate commercial litigator on Bay Street in Toronto. Erin also taught Legal Research & Writing at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law (2018-2020) and was the Regional Alumni Advisor (Toronto) (providing confidential career coaching to new lawyers) for the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law (2019-2021). 

On top of all of this Erin produced an award-winning law blog (currently on pause) and writes for several legal publications. 

Our wide-ranging conversation covers:

  • Erin’s Journey from Big Law to starting FlexLegal;

  • Her experiences working as both a lawyer and a founder of a startup;

  • The importance of lawyers building their brand;  

  • Her take on the current state of the legal profession (and where it is heading); and

  • Advice to young lawyers still figuring out their career path. 

For more on Erin, you can connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter at @Cowlingerin or @FlexLegalNet.

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