Jan 12, 2022 • 31M

#51 - Build a Culture That Nobody Ever Wants to Leave: A "One Billion Raving Fans" podcast featuring Goodlawyer CEO and Co-founder, Brett Colvin

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Matt Scrivens
Goodlawyer's podcast series dedicated to exploring what is, and what could be when it comes to the business of law, and how we as lawyers can improve access to legal services for everyone, and live more fulfilled lives.

This week we are releasing a podcast from One Billion Raving Fans, who recently had on our very own CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Colvin.  

Shannon and Brett’s discussion covers the problems Brett saw in the legal profession that inspired him to found Goodlawyer; how Goodlawyer differentiates itself from a traditional law firm through value billing (instead of the billable hour); and how Goodlawyer is building a “seriously fun” culture that engages the whole team in the corporate mission. 

If you find value in this content, make sure to check out the One Billion Raving Fans podcast! 

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